Sunday 10AM Every child needs to hear and know the amazing stories of the Bible.  Every Sunday morning while the main sermon is happening, the primary school aged children are at KidZ@Church.  They are learning in a way that does not miss the truths of the Bible, but explains them in a way they understand and respond to.  We have many gifted teachers at CBC who have devoted their lives specifically to teach kids in this age group.  The kids have a great time and we know we are impacting the next generation through this ministry. 


Friday 9:30AM PlayPatch is a ministry where mums of babies through to pre-schoolers can get connected with other mums in the community.  They have a great time with programs that specifically engage the children that is not only fun but educational.  We have an experienced and committed team who have a passion to see young children develop and grow into well adjusted, happy kids.  Come along and enjoy a time with other mums and their children. Please contact the church and ask for our PlayPatch coordinator Carly Backwell for more information regarding PlayPatch .

Recharge Youth

At Re-CHARGE! we want to have fun.  We aim to provide a safe, drug and alcohol free environment, that enables youth to connect with each other, gain friendships, and enjoy themselves.  We also learn more about God, how much He loves us and how He wants us to live our lives. Youth events occur Friday nights from 7pm until 9:30pm, during the school term. Recharge Youth is held at Chuwar Baptist Church. There is a small cost involved ($2), this cost contributes towards our snacks and activities.


Axiom - from 6:00pm Sunday nights at CBC.  Axiom primarily focusses on subjects that are of interest. For recent topics check out the "Latest Sermons" tab.

Cell Groups

What happens in a Cell Group?

At Chuwar Baptist Church we believe that ‘church’ doesn’t just happen on Sunday when we are all together; that’s why we have Cell Groups.

A Cell Group is a gathering of like-minded people who get together on one night or day during the week.  What happens next?  We study the bible, pray and talk about issues of life or the sermon or Axiom topic from that week.  Cell Groups are all about doing life together and so we encourage everyone at Chuwar to meet up with others throughout the week.  

Cell groups are also a great way to stay accountable to the community of believers at CBC.  We believe that God has called each of us to serve Him for His glory alone.

What do I have to do?

Contact us if you’d like to join a Cell Group in your area, or to find out more information regarding our Cell Groups.