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The Father's love for us

The Father's love for us

We see that even though the Lord used the names of Hosea's children as a rebuke to Israel, He still has an electing, covenant love for His people.

Hosea 11: The LORD's Love for Israel

1 When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son.

2 The more they were called, the more they went away; they kept sacrificing to the Baals and burning offerings to idols.

3 Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk; I took them up by their arms, but they did not know that I healed them.

4 I led them with cords of kindness, with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases the yoke on their jaws, and I bent down to them and fed them.

5 They shall not return to the land of Egypt, but Assyria shall be their king, because they have refused to return to me.

6 The sword shall rage against their cities, consume the bars of their gates, and devour them because of their own counsels.

7 My people are bent on turning away from me, and though they call out to the Most High, he shall not raise them up at all.

8 How can I give you up, O Ephraim? How can I hand you over, O Israel? How can I make you like Admah? How can I treat you like Zeboiim? My heart recoils within me; my compassion grows warm and tender.

9 I will not execute my burning anger; I will not again destroy Ephraim; for I am God and not a man, the Holy One in your midst, and I will not come in wrath.

10 They shall go after the LORD; he will roar like a lion; when he roars, his children shall come trembling from the west;

11 they shall come trembling like birds from Egypt, and like doves from the land of Assyria, and I will return them to their homes, declares the LORD.

12 Ephraim has surrounded me with lies, and the house of Israel with deceit, but Judah still walks with God and is faithful to the Holy One.

Hosea 12:

1 Ephraim feeds on the wind and pursues the east wind all day long; they multiply falsehood and violence; they make a covenant with Assyria, and oil is carried to Egypt.

The LORD's Indictment of Israel and Judah

2 The LORD has an indictment against Judah and will punish Jacob according to his ways; he will repay him according to his deeds.

3 In the womb he took his brother by the heel, and in his manhood he strove with God.

4 He strove with the angel and prevailed; he wept and sought his favour. He met God at Bethel, and there God spoke with us---

5 the LORD, the God of hosts, the LORD is his memorial name:

6 "So you, by the help of your God, return, hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually for your God."

7 A merchant, in whose hands are false balances, he loves to oppress.

8 Ephraim has said, "Ah, but I am rich; I have found wealth for myself; in all my labours they cannot find in me iniquity or sin."

9 I am the LORD your God from the land of Egypt; I will again make you dwell in tents, as in the days of the appointed feast.

10 I spoke to the prophets; it was I who multiplied visions, and through the prophets gave parables.

11 If there is iniquity in Gilead, they shall surely come to nothing: in Gilgal they sacrifice bulls; their altars also are like stone heaps on the furrows of the field.

12 Jacob fled to the land of Aram; there Israel served for a wife, and for a wife he guarded sheep.

13 By a prophet the LORD brought Israel up from Egypt, and by a prophet he was guarded.

14 Ephraim has given bitter provocation; so his Lord will leave his bloodguilt on him and will repay him for his disgraceful deeds.

Things to think about…

1.Anyone who has had children knows the heart cry that is being echoed in Hosea 11. The Lord had raised up Israel. He had nurtured and cared for them, but they rejected His love by turning to idols, that don't care, think or feel. Pray for all parents that have children that are p[resently displaying this rejection of love towards their parents. May healing and grace come through Christ.

2.Though Israel had been unfaithful, Hos 11 shows the heart of God towards His elect people. He says in vs 8 "How can I give you up'? God's heart breaks when we are rebellious, but He loves us. His people will return. When God roars His children will come, vs 10, 11. In what ways is God speaking to you and drawing you into a closer relationship with Him?

3.Judah had not forgotten God, Hos 11:12. There will always be people who will seek after the Lord even when most others have fallen away. Judah however would eventually fall, but even then a faithful group would not go against His law. This is still the case with the modern church. Christians who speak the words of Christ and give the only answer as Christ show God's faithfulness.

4.If you lean upon Satan he will always keep you poor – financially, morally and spiritually, Hos 12:1. This was the case with Israel when they trusted in Egypt or Assyria for help. Do you think America has been used like Assyria and Egypt in the same way today? Though this influence is declining due to current policy.

5.Hos 12:2-14 is God's way of showing His love to Israel. They have rebelled. They say they are rich, vs 8. God spoke to Israel via prophets, visions and parables, vs 10 and called them out of Egypt vs 13. Yet they refused His will. He is left with only one 'loving' thing to do – discipline, vs 14. He has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you are feeling your heart being challenged in certain areas – this is God showing His grace and mercy to you.

6.Judgement would come quickly to Israel's 10 northern tribes – Ephraim, Hos 12:14. In 722BC it came in the form of the Assyrian army carrying them away to Nineveh. The Samaritans are a mixed race of Jews and other nations and were dispised by the Jews in Jesus day. But as we know from Jesus' interaction to the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus says the Father calls everyone everywhere to worship Him "in Spirit and in truth".

Vision Point

CBC's Vision :- To be a growing biblical church community, significantly influencing our city and beyond, through intentional outreach, fulfilling our mission.

For Cell groups

We will be considering the topic of baptism for next week's baptism service.

1.Who should get baptized.

2.What does baptism represent?

3.What passages come to mind when considering baptism in the NT.

Prayer Points

1.Next Sunday's 5 people getting baptised at Colleges Crossing.

2.Pray for continued follow up rain

3.Pray for those who have recently come to CBC that they settle into the fellowship.

4.Pray for our help and response to Stanthorpe community.

5.Ministries this term 4 – PlayPatch, Kids@Church, Recharge youth.

6.More Sunday school and RI teachers

7.Our outreach initiatives as well as the Axiom podcast.

8.Sunday's messages. "There's no better guarantee than this" Eph 1:1-14. in the morning and "Why do bad things happen to good people" – Sunday night.

9.Finish "Bean Redeemed" coffee shop and podcast area.

10.Church finances to meet our expenses.

11.Our City and Country – Pray for revival over our city and the leadership of our country.

Praise Points.

1.Quite a few visitors and new folk at CBC in both services.

2.Sunday worship – great blessing. Thanks Josh, Ben and Jesse.

3.Unity, peace and Christ's love over our church.

4.A number being baptised.


1.Hawkins group - Hosting morning tea on Sunday morning.

2.Playpatch –Friday mornings – 9:30 – 11am for mums and bubs. See Carly Backwell for details.

3.Recharge Youth – Friday night 7pm – High Schoolers.

4.Kids at Church – Primary school aged children Sunday mornings.

5.Prayer meetings – 5:30am – 6:30am at church Wednesday and Friday mornings.

6.AGM meeting – now on the 17th November after the morning service.

7.Baptism service at Colleges Crossing – 10th Nov @12pm.

This month's catechism question...

Q. 6. What is the first petition?
A. "Hallowed be your name."

Bible Reference – Matt.6:9; Luke 11:2.

"Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known" Jer 33:3

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